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Want to take your Implant Training to the next level?

The Foundations Program is a COMPREHENSIVE curriculum that teaches you everything you need to know.

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Over 30 hours of instruction7 online courses50 CE Units

Courses Included

The Curriculum



You’ll explore the fundamental concepts behind

osseointegration, implant design, and treatment

planning. We’ll dive into radiographic analysis of

CBCT and panoramic x rays. By the end of the pro-

gram you will be able to plan cases with confidence.



• Confidently treatment plan implant cases

• Interpret Cone Beam Images for implants

• Understand the process of osseointegration

• Have a solid foundation implant literature

• Decipher the nuances of implant design

Foundations of Implantology


Radiographic Interpretation

Online Course

Foundations of Implantology

Online Course

Tuition: $2,115



This phase of the program goes into the step-by-step process for surgery and restoration. You’ll learn the various nuances of surgical protocol via benchtop demonstrations as well as up close video of patient procedures. By the end of this phase you should be ready to take on a basic implant surgery as well as ready to restore crown and bridge implant restorations.



• Be able to place an implant in an ideal candidate

• Understand how to restore any implant system

• Understand the nuances of drilling techniques

• Become familiarized with and be able to use various surgical instruments, kits, and materials

Little Book of Implant Wisdom


Implant Restorations 101

Online Course

Implant Surgery 101

Online Course

Tuition: $2,755



In this final phase, we dive into two important skillsets: grafting and overdentures. In the Overdentures component, you’ll learn to treatment plan, perform surgery for, and restoration protocols for removable implant prosthetics. The grafting component will explore the surgical principles and technical steps for guided bone regeneration. This phase will also elaborate on various types of implant complications that you may encounter and how to resolve them. This phase completes the Foundations of Implantology program.



• Be able to plan and perform surgery for implant overdentures

• Understand the overdentures restorative protocol

• Understand materials selection for grafting

• Be able to perform a guided bone regeneration (GBR)

• Procedure for single and multiple implant sites

• Competently diagnose and manage implant complications

Overdentures Cookbook


Implant Complications

Guest Lectures

Guided Bone Regeneration

Online Course

Implant Overdentures

Online Course

Tuition: $4,150

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