Concentrated Growth Factors - Bone Grafting Utilizing CGF/PRF

Learn how to apply autologous concentrated growth factors (CGF) and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) within dentistry: A comprehensive one-day hands-on workshop for general practitioners and specialists.

What can you expect?

  • Learn how to perform venipuncture and basic anatomy

  • Utilize blood to make fibrin clot and fibrin glue

  • Learn how to make and handle AFG (autologous Fibrin Glue) “sticky bone” for various bone grafting situations

  • Learn what CGF is and what it consists of

  • How you can incorporate CGF into your practice

  • Learn full spectrum of clinical applications of CGF/PRF including surgical flap closures, socket preservation, ridge augmentation, sinus lift, immediate and flapless implant placement

  • Learn and review bone grafting fundamentals, socket preservation, incision and flap designs, suturing techniques, and more along with many hands-on exercises

Implant Track Course Journey


Concentrated Growth Factors - Bone Grafting Utilizing CGF/PRF

Concentrated Growth Factors - Bone Grafting Utilizing CGF/PRF



8 CE Credits


Dr. Jedediah V. Huss


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