Learn how to use EXOCAD and begin utilizing it in your practice TODAY!

Why this course?

Do you have Exocad but struggle with knowing how to utilize it in your practice? Have you been wanting to purchase Exocad but really wish you could just play with it to see what it can do for you? Are you a beginner and just want to learn some shortcuts and different workflows for designing different things? 

This 2 day course is taught by Prosthodontists & Lab owners Dr. Kent Howell and Dr. Nate Farley and will cover Exocad from A to Z. You may know them as the co-creators of the website WhatImplantIsThat.com, Kent and Nate have dedicated their prosthodontic practice and lab to only full arch AOX dentistry and dental clients. Exocad has been the center of their practice and lab for over 7 years where they design everything from digital waxups to complex full arch implant prosthetics. They are self-taught and understand what it feels like to struggle through it without formal training.

This two-day course is unique in that each participant will be provided a computer and Exocad software to follow along with the instruction and will get to design their own STLs. In this course, you will be exposed to the following concepts and types of designs:

Learn the concepts of:

  • Digital Waxups

  • Model Creator

  • Immediate Dentures

  • AOX Conversion Dentures

  • Complete Dentures

  • Crown & Bridge on teeth

  • Single Implant Crowns

  • Implant Bridges

  • Night Guards


  • AOX Prototype/Tryins

  • AOX Monolithic Finals

  • Bar Design Module

  • Bar Substructure with Superstructure

You will enjoy 1-on-1 attention from the best in this course while having your own Exocad program to work with. Come join the FUN!

Implant Track Course Journey



Learn how to use EXOCAD and begin utilizing it in your practice TODAY!


Learn how to use EXOCAD and begin utilizing it in your practice TODAY!



16 CE Credits


Dr. Kent Howell and Dr. Nate Farley


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