Foundations 1: Theory & Treatment Planning



You’ll explore the fundamental concepts behind osseointegration, implant design, and treatment planning. We’ll dive into radiographic analysis of CBCT and panoramic x rays. By the end of the program you will be able to plan cases with confidence and develop a comfortable flow for consultations.


• Confidently treatment plan implant cases
• Interpret Cone Beam images for implants
• Quickly screen and assess candidates
• Understand the process of osseointegration
• Have a solid foundation in implant literature
• Understand the nuances of implant design

Implant Theory & Tx Planning

This course is the didactic foundation that you should have gotten in dental school but didn’t. It sets the stage for all future growth. We cover a little bit of history, implant design, key terms and concepts (like platform switching and osseointegration). Lastly, we provide a systematic treatment planning flow that will allow you to quickly work up patients and find the right cases. This course will give you a confident understanding of implantology.

Radiological Interpretation Course

In this course we cover how to evaluate radiographs for the purposes of implant surgery. We cover panoramic radiographs to Cone Beam CTs and provide sample patient data for your analytical exercises.

Foundations of Implantology Book

This is the accompanying textbook for the Implant Theory & Tx Planning course. It follows the material in lockstep. It covers the fundamental concepts of implantology in an easy to approach manner. The text includes end of chapter quizzes and critical thinking questions.

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Foundations 1: Theory & Treatment Planning

Foundations 1: Theory & Treatment Planning


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