Foundations 2: Essential Skills



In Foundations 2 you’ll gain the practical skills to effectively execute implant surgeries and restorations in your clinical setting. We cover in painstaking detail the play-by-play of the surgical and restorative processes. There is also the option of practicing your handskills via an optional “Learning Kit” that comes with a surgical kit that can also be used for real patient surgeries.


• Be able to place an implant in an ideal candidate
• Understand how to restore any implant system
• Understand the nuances of drilling techniques
• Become familiarized with and be able to use various surgical instruments, kits, and materials

Basic Implant Surgery Course

This course will walk you through the actual implant surgery protocol step by step. You will learn all about the armamentarium you’ll need for the surgery. We’ll do a walk through on a bechtop demonstration to go over the nuances before moving on to observing actual patient surgeries in high definition. Many of our students feel confident in placing implants after taking this module.

Basic Implant Restorations Course

In this course we unravel all of the parts and pieces involved in implant restoration. With the help of board certified prosthodontist, Dr. Carl Pogoncheff, we dive into all of the nuances to successful outcomes.

Little Book of Implant Wisdom Book

This book is a refreshing take on all facets of implantology. Taught through hard hitting memes and infographics, this book continually feeds you pearls of wisdom and keeps you engaged. Before you know it, you’ll have devoured the book and and picked up a lot of new information along the way. Definitely one to keep as a resource and give some copies to your dental assistants as well.

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Foundations 2: Essential Skills

Foundations 2: Essential Skills




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